Sobriquet Magazine Vol. 11, No. 7

At Home with Henry James
Helena Gurfinkel on David Lodge’s Author, Author

On the Great Smoky Mountainside

Owen Elmore reviews Hal Crowther’s Gather at the River: Notes from the Post-Millennial South

Graham Huggan's The Postcolonial Exotic: Marketing the Margins

By Pramod K. Nayar

Elia Peattie's Impertinences
Josh Anchors reviews the collected writings of the pioneering journalist

Natural Digressions

Matthew Hein and C. L. Quinlan take on David P. Barash & Nanelle R Barash's Madame Bovary’s Ovaries: A Darwinian Look at Literature

Madame Bovary's Ovaries Redux
Richard M. Magee

A Review of Chuck Palahniuk's Haunted
by Marc Schuster

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